Spotify is a subscription based digital music streaming service that provides users with access to millions of songs across various genres from your computer, smartphone, or other device. Users also have the ability to create and share playlists while engaging with their peers and fellow users. As a digital platform, Spotify harnesses various characteristics of digitalization, such as algorithmification, digital footprint, and network externalities.


The video to the right depicts Spotify's "Discover Weekly" feature; it provides users with personalized, custom-made playlists every Monday. You may be asking: how are these personalized playlists crafted? An algorithim! That's right, Spotify utilizes colloborative filtering, natural langauge processing, and particular software to create a personalized playlist. Through these algorithms, Spotify provides users the opportunity to discover new music that closely mirror their musical preferences. As one's musical interests change, the Spotify algorithms will produce a playlist reflecting these changes the following Monday. 

Digital Footprint

Since spotify incorporates social media into its music streaming service, users must be aware of the digital footprint they leave behind as they share information in digital networks. A digital footprint are the things left behind as a result of each digital step that is taken. Examples of digital footprints on Spotify include the following:

  • posts to social media sites (facebook, twitter, tumblr)
  • direct messages to friends and other Spotify users
  • data collected by Disocver Weekly

While the first two examples demonstrate active digital footprints (intentional sharing of personal data), users must thoroughly consider the implications that their footprint may have - consider the type of music you are reposting and who has access to those posts on the various social media platforms you are using. 

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