Volleyball in Europe 

Volleyball Origin Place and When introduced: 

On February 9, 1895 the game of volley ball was created in Holyoke, Massachusetts (USA). In 1915 volleyball was introduced to Europe by american solidiers

The first rules were written by William G. Morgan. One rule called for a net 6 ft 6 in high, a 25 ft × 50 ft court, and any number of players.

A match had 9 innings with three serves from each team for each inning. 

Volleyballs allows two teams with six players at a time during a game.

Match length and Major Penalty 

A volleyball match is usually between 60 and 90 minutes. Each game is 20 minutes. 

If a team makes an error or the ball makes contact with the floor on the court boundaries, the team who did not make the error gets a point even if they served the ball or not. 

Positions, Court Dimensions and Scoring

There are 5 positions filled on every volleyball team.

There are setters, liberos, middle blockers, outside hitters and opposite hitters.

A volleyball court is 59 ft long and 29.5 ft wide. The courts gets divided into m x 9 m halves by a 40 inch wide net. 

Teams can score a point when the other team fails to get the ball over the net or out of bounds. 

Equipment and Types of leagues 

All you need for equipment is a ball, a net and court, lines, post and cables, an antenna and side bands, knee pads, sneakers with arch and ankle support (Nike or Asics), Lightweight clothing, Socks that prevent blisters and spandex shorts.  

Leagues in Europe:



Squads (M)

Squads (W)

Changes over the years: 

In 1900, the height of the net was raised, the possession of of the serve after each side out, the length of the game became 21 points. In 1916, the length of game became 15 points. In 1999, Non-deciding games played to 25 with no cap, deciding games to 15 with no cap. 

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