The Digitalization of Online Shopping

Online shopping has allowed consumers to shop conveniently,at their own pace,and allow them to buy almost anything even internationally 

Why do people prefer shopping online?

What do people typically buy online?

Effects on Digitalization

Online shopping has effects on digitalization. The four concepts we will be going over today will be "timeless time", "death of distance", "the digital footprint" and  "algorithmification" .

Timeless Time

This concept is the idea that we can processing information in real time, also known as synchronous, or not in real time, asynchronously.

This relates to online shopping because consumers can shop anytime they want online, instead of regular store hours. This is helpful because people might have other things to do during that time, and can do their shopping during their free time, which may even be after midnight. Take websites like Ebay for example.

Death of Distance

This concept is the idea that distance is has no effect on information processing. This means that one can shop online on international websites without actually having to be there. This is convenient for consumers because they can try products not available in their countries, and profitable for companies because they are getting a larger array of customers and expanding their business.  

Digital Footprint

This concept relates to online shopping because retailers know every single product you purchased. For example, it is possible to make a return without a receipt because the computer can access if the product was bought at the store. Also, computer systems/credit card companies will always have a history of what one has purchased and their is no way to get rid of it. On the contrary, during traditional shopping cash is used so the digital footprint does not exist there. 


Algorithms execute routines and decisions through artificial intelligence. This relates to online shopping because algorithms can help show you things you might like, and want to purchase by taking into account your previous purchases and what other customers tend to buy with a certain product. 

Why are they helpful?

This can be extremely helpful when shopping for cosmetics and electronics. If you really like a certain concealer, algorithms can help you find similar or even better concealers with a similar formula like the one you purchased previously. It can be helpful for electronics, because you might want to know what lens people tend to buy most with your new camera. 

Google Cookies... A way to remember what you do online

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