Digitization in social media apps:


Characteristics of Digitalization 

Ari has been using Facebook since her high school years, but never realized how useful it would be later in life. Facebook depicts many of the characteristics of digitalization such as digital footprints, timeless time, death of distance, poly-directionality, and exposure selection. 

Facebook Leaves a Digital Footprint 

Everytime Ari logs onto Facebook, she sees many suggestions such as 'people you may know' or 'other articles similar'. This is because Facebook, just like all digitalized things, leaves an inevitable footprint. The website remembers what friends you just became friends with and what other things you were looking at on the web other than on Facebook. 

Effect:  Ari loves this, as she can easily find and connect with people she knows on Facebook, and can see other things she may be interested in just based on past preferences. Facebook's digital footprint is actually very resourceful for users such as Ari. 

Timeless Time 

Ari is at work and school all day and didn't realize everyone was positing on her wall for her to congratulate her on her new internship. However, with the timeless time principle, the post will still be there for her to see when she has time to check Facebook.

Death of Distance

Last quarter, Ari's best friends, Katie, Riley, and Beryl went abroad and didn't have texting. Because of Facebook's death of distance, it didn't matter how far they were and that they didn't have texting, because Ari was able to face book message them and send and receive messages at the speed of light. 


Ari also loves to read and like peoples posts, shares, and pictures. She also loves when people like her posts on Facebook. Ari liking a post would be 'many to one' because the person who posted the post will have many people like their one post. Ari posting something would be 'one to many.' Facebook messenger also allows people to message just 'one to one'. The effects of poly-directionality in Facebook are that there are different ways to be connected through Facebook. 

Exposure selection 

Though Ari clearly loves using Facebook for its many benefits and uses, she does like to maintain her privacy. Exposure selection allows users to select who sees their information and how much of it they see. The effects of this are both positive and negative, as some people may not know how to make their accounts more private and will have people they don't want, seeing their stuff. The positive to this is we can also keep things as private as we want them. Every fall, for recruitment Ari's sorority makes her put her account completely private, but when recruitment is over, Ari goes back to privacy selection preference. 

Effects of Digitalization 

Facebook, a digitalized way of communicating between people, has many effects on daily lives of its users. All the characteristics I mentioned earlier, go hand in hand with one another. Facebook leaves an inevitable footprint, can be used pretty much anywhere in the world, its posted contents can be viewed whenever, between different audiences of people, and who views what can be monitored as well. 

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