The surface area of Saturn is 83 times the area of earth. It is 95 times the mass of earth. The diameter of  Saturn is 120,536 km. That's about 9.5 times bigger than earth's diameter.


Like the rest of the planet, the atmosphere of Saturn is made up approximately 75% hydrogen and 25% helium, with trace amounts of other substances like water ice and methane.Jan 5, 2016

Facts on Saturn

1. Saturn takes 29 years to orbit the sun.

2. Saturn takes 10.656 hours to rotate once.

3. Saturn is made up predominantly hydrogen.

4. The hottest temperature on Saturn is -170.

5. The coldest temperature on Saturn is -283.

In 2016 Saturn has 62 moons.

1. Mimas

2. Enceladus

3. Tethys

4. Dione

5. Rhea

6. Titan

7. Lapetus

Best image taken from earth.

Best image taken from a Hubble space telescope.

Why I chose Saturn

I chose Saturn because there is no life on that planet so it is not trashed like our planet earth.

 Number of Spacecrafts visited saturn

Their has only been four spacecrafts that visited Saturn.

1. Pioneer 11 1979

2. Voyager1 1980

3. Voyager2 1981

4. Cassini reached Saturn 2004

The first three were just flybys.

Voyager 1 1980

Voyager 2 1981

Cassini 2004

Sights pictures are from :,,

Pioneer 11 1979

5 facts I really liked

1. Pioneir11 made the first measurment of Saturnes magnetosphere.

2. Saturn is a flattend ball                                                                              3. You can not stand on saturn it is made up of mostly gasses

4. Saturns rings are made of ice, dust and rocks

5. Saturn can float on water because it is made up of  mostly gas.    


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