Religion in Australia is diverse. The Constitution of Australia of 1901 prohibits the Commonwealth government from establishing a church or interfering with the freedom of religion however, the Australian population is predominantly Christian

Religious worship

Australia is a predominantly Christian country, with around 64 per cent of all Australians identifying as Christians. However, most other major religious faiths are also practised, reflecting Australia's culturally diverse society. 

Political System of Australia

Australia is an independent country within the Commonwealth.

It is a monarchy and a parliamentary democracy

  About the Elections

Voting is compulsory.

Citizens can vote by mail.

Those who abstain from voting are fined.


The Australian education system provides primary, secondary and tertiary education

School education 

(Primary and Secondary)

School education is similar across all of Australia with only minor variations between states and territories. School education (primary and secondary) is compulsory between the ages of six and sixteen

Primary school 

Runs for seven or eight years, starting at Kindergarten/Preparatory through to Year 6 or 7.

Secondary school 

Runs for three or four years, from Years 7 to 10 or 8 to 10.

Senior secondary school 

Runs for two years, Years 11 and 12.

Tertiary education

Tertiary education includes both higher education (including universities) and vocational education and training (VET).

Australia  Culture

Australia has a very diverse culture and lifestyle. Australia's original inhabitants, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, are the custodians of one of the world's oldest continuing cultural traditions.


All people in Australia are encouraged to learn English, which is the national language and an important unifying element of Australian society. However, languages other than English are also valued. 


The types of clothing that people wear reflect the diversity in Australian society and the variations in climate. There are no laws or rules on clothing, but Australians are expected to wear certain clothing in work situations — most workplaces have dress standards. 


 Australian art is any art made in Australia or about Australia, from prehistoric times to the present. This includes Aboriginal, Colonial, Landscape, Atelier, early twentieth century painters, print makers, photographers, and sculptors influenced by European modernism, Contemporary art.

Colonial art (1770–1900).

Early Western art in Australia, from 1788 onwards, is often narrated as the gradual shift from a European sense of light to an Australian one. The lighting in Australia is notably different from that of Europe, and early attempts at landscapes attempted to reflect this.

Early Colonial Art


Sydney Parkinson, Two of the Natives of New Holland Advancing, To Combat, 1770

The first artistic representations of the Australia scene by European artists were mainly natural history illustrations, depicting the distinctive flora and fauna of the land for scientific purposes, and the topography of the coast

Later Colonial Art (1850–1885)

From 1851, the Victorian Gold Rush resulted in a huge influx of settlers and new wealth. S. T. Gill (1818–1880) documented life on the Australian gold fields,[16] however the colonial art market primarily desired landscape paintings, which were commissioned by wealthy landowners or merchants wanting to record their material success.

Way of Life and BusinessEtiquette

respect for equal worth, dignity and freedom of the individual

freedom of speech and association

freedom of religion and a secular government

support for parliamentary democracy and the rule of law

equality under the law

equality of men and women

equality of opportunity


a spirit of egalitarianism that embraces tolerance, mutual respect, and compassion for those in need.

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