HP :  Brief

Find some program ideas to suit HP's show internationally.

The program must be quick to make, fun and quality. 

HP : Idea 1

My first... 

Ask questions to the artist , the artist tells his / her :

- First stage ( rotten room, small bar, ...)

- Session Studio ( Cheap home studio ...)

- First tape ( Which media , how have you sent it? ) / First Freestyle (What place ?)

- First contact with music (musicians parents, big brother ...)

HP : Idea 2


The artist tells his most awkward youth story :

Road trip gone bad

Worst night spent in an airport

Missing an important flight

Leaving your hotel in a hurry for a show...

The stories are animated by motion or illustrated ( Rakkid ? ) 

HP : Idea 3

Truth or Dare

Music playing in slow motion and the artist must guess the title or singer in less than 10 seconds. 

If he is wrong he must confess us a truth about his life by answering a funny question.

We actually listen to 8 tracks with the artist and the best 3 are chosen like we do on the Music Match Show.


HP : Idea 4

What's in your phone ? 

We ask the artist how he uses his phone with 3 to 5 questions :

- What's your favorite app ? 

- What are your 3 last emoji used ? 

- If you were sent to a desert island with a phone, no network and 3 apps, what apps would you chose ? 

- Your home Background picture ? 


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