Snapchat's Characteristics of Digitalization

Snapchat is a social media platform that has skyrocketed in popularity to become one of the newest social media conglomerates.  Snapchat is mainly used to communicate with friends and family members. However, the application is also updated daily with new "stories" to inform and entertain users.

Media Richness Selection

Snapchat's platform includes a plethora of methods to communicate. This includes video, pictures, drawings, stickers, texts, emojis and filters. All of which are used to effectively communicate in poly directional avenues. For example, videos are a popular choice to  effectively communicate what a user is currently doing. In the video to the right, celebrity DJ Khaled effectively uses video to display his experience getting lost. This is most effective form of media for his information because it engages more viewers than simply using text. In a social context, this allows people to communicate many fun and quirky ways which has led to Snapchat's success.


Snapchat's communication platform allows users to send information in many different ways. This allows the application to cater to a multitude of audiences such as businesses and youth. Users are able to send "snaps" to individuals (one to one) or post to their "story" so any friend can see their snaps (one to many). Additionally, companies are utilizing the platform to publish company "stories" to captivate users (many to one). 

Exposure Selection

Snapchat grants users the power to select how much of their digital footprint is exposed and whom it is exposed to. Snapchat allows users to select exactly who they want to see their "snaps." This can be seen in the picture to the right. Moreover, users can add "snaps" to their story to share them with all their friends. Additionally, users are able to determine how long individuals are able to see their snaps when communicating one to one or one to many. For example, when I use snapchat nobody is allowed to see my snaps without my friend approval and consent because my account is on private.

Snapchat clearly demonstrates poly-directionality, exposure selection, and media richness selection. Each characteristic of digitalization is interconnected with one another. Users selects the proper media richness for their message, then select who is exposed to their message through each of the poly directional avenues. In a social context, people are now able to connect unlike ever before due to Snapchat's ease of use, lightning speed, privacy, and ways to communicate information.

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Public - 7/14/16, 1:46 AM