The online collaboration and communications environments for  students and tutors are:

C) other groups, profiles, and communities PUNTOZERO

on the main social network

A) the university e-Learning website for master courses:

B)  social bookmarking group PUNTOZERO on DIIGO

The project in details:

[] 5 steps of progressive cohesion and productivity levels for the online community

[] 4 social and individual communication channels

[] support and training to the tutors

[] experimenting of methodologies, resources and applications meant for the innovation, tutoring and evaluation of learning

[] accessability and availability of knowledge and researches in the field of innovation for the healthcare

[] contacting partners and actors to share experiences and develop common projects


march-april: Access and motivation

may-june: Online socialization

july-august: Exchange of information

september-october: Construction of knowledge

november-december: Development

Each student can share a monthly online diary with the staff to record the change during the phases and may use his own profile as e-portfolio to share experiences and stories with peers and the staff

Following a five-step constructivist methodology students may follow, participate and create events about best use of digital resources and online collaboration


Every month a proposal for an issue will be discussed in a webinar according to interest and participation. Language is at the moment italian

All webinars are archived as OER resources:

Some issues will be discussed in sessions at the University of Parma, Italy


marzo: Utilizzo del social bookmarking

aprile: Creazione di un e-portofolio (nessun iscritto)

maggio:  Editoria collaborativa su wiki

giugno:   E-patient e Embodied Health Movements

luglio:   Big & Open Data in Sanità

agosto: PUNTOZERO monitoring & research

settembre: Stampa 3D e bio-printing in Sanità

ottobre: Realtà virtuale e aumentata in ospedale

novembre: l'Health Care Without Harm

dicembre: I corsi MOOC in sanità

gennaio: L'economia collaborativa in sanità

febbraio: PUNTOZERO results & foresight

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The online Agenda of PUNTOZERO

by monacofederico


Public - 5/29/16, 1:40 PM