Rowing began in Egypt in the year of 1430b.c. 

Romania first sent a team to play in the games of 1924.


 Each team is allowed 1 false start. Two false starts is a disqualification. You can change lanes as long as you do not interfere with other crews.



There are two people in each boat. There are six boats at a time so 12 people are involved. Some times there are more people in one team.


The Olympic rowing race is around 2000 meters long or 1.25 miles. It goes on until all teams are finished the race.


Gold, silver, and bronze are awarded to the top 3 finishing teams out of the six. The other three teams do not get anything. If you do not come in first, second, and third you are disqualified.


A couple tactics are to do strong and long paddles.

Another tactic is to try to do fast paddles. One other tactic is to have everybody with their bows lined up.


One penalty is if any boat has a blatant will be penalized. Another penalty is 4 and 8 have to have their coxswain on board or they will be disqualified. One last penalty is if you collide with another 

teams boat you have to stop your boat for 60 seconds.


One piece of equipment is the oar that touches the water. Another piece of equipment is the bow which is the front part of the boat. One other piece of equipment is the bow ball which protects the boat against collision. The last piece of equipment is the gate which holds the oar from falling out. 


One league of rowing is the Olympic games. Another league in rowing the professional league. In rowing they also do international cup games. They also do regular games of rowing like competition.



The sport was not in the Olympics when it started. When it first started there were not as many rules as today but know there are like no false starts, no running in to other teams. Another change is now they have safety equipment, and back when it first started there was no safety equipment.

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