My Career as a Professional Makeup Artist!

If you like to do other people's make up then this job is perfect for you. You can even start your own business. They also get paid a lot of money and sometimes get to travel. 

Pros and Cons/ where you work. 

Some pros of being a makeup artist are: an opportunity to work on high level profile film, meeting new people, traveling, discounts, shopping for makeup, experimenting, and many more.  Some cons are: tough competition, building a makeup business takes time which means you have to be patient if you want to start your own business. Being a makeup artist you should probably work at a place such as salons, spas, and department stores before you start your own. 

If you ever want to get a job one of your duties is being responsible for anything that you do, in this case applying makeup and prosthetics. Some other duties that makeup artists have is to know where all of their products are, to work quickly, and to do various looks on their clients. The average wage for 

a make up artist is $16.26. 


Sometimes makeup artists get to travel to productions, plays, and musicals. They will even go to wedding if they have to for a client. They will bring a bag with some makeup supplies or their cart full of makeup. If you start your own business you can get hired for a Halloween party. Also, for face painting or for birthday parties.   


To be a makeup artist you need these makeup supplies: eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, lip stick, lip gloss, jumbo eye pens, blush, brushes and many more products. Some of the best brands to buy are Nyx, Mac, Revelon, Maybeline and L'Oreal Paris. 

Makeup Carts!!!!!!

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