Digitalization: Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Online shopping is often perceived as much easier than other forms of shopping, and is incredibly popular. Companies that are online such as amazon, etsy, and ebay are used constantly to purchase a huge variety of things. 

Timeless Time

With online shopping, shoppers are no longer limited to buying within the regular hours of business, and can buy at any time. The delivery time (depending on how much is paid) can range(Amazon even providing one hour shipping for some products), and in the case of purchasing digital content(E-books, music) it can be instant.

Death of Distance

These online stores do not need to be within one's vicinity. One can purchase something from across the globe from any company, and it can be transported to any location. So, the customer can be reached anywhere. Or, inversely, the customer can reach any business.


Online shopping can show a person only what they would want to buy. This means, Amazon among other companies can show a person things they may want through algorithmification. Artificial intelligence will be able to find out what a person wants, as well as be able to do much of the processing and shipping that needs to be done. An example of this that just recently came out is the use of drones to deliver.

Amazon testing their drone delivery system:


The ability for shoppers to get what they want from anywhere means that mass- customization is possible. One can create something of their own for a cheap, quick, and easy price. Online shopping made this possible by removing the complication of being able to reach the customers. And customers can search out what they want in a market where they can see all the possibilities. 


Online shopping is a a massive and growing field, as more niche demands become easily fulfillable every day. This push for the cheap and easy online means that we can get what we want, when we want it.

Thank You,

Kendra Forst

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CMN 170: Online shopping Digitalization

by kendraforst


Public - 5/1/16, 9:39 PM