Mag Writing 5580

Week 2ish • Tuesday

August 23

Portfolios and beats

Class-written profiles

Key thoughts on portfolios

Atlantic media:

- Does it anchor and center the viewer?

- Does it organize, curate, and create some order?

- Does it give you a reason to see if they're worth exploring?

- Is it mobile-friendly?

- Is it fresh?


- Is it organized?

- Direct?

- Authoritative?

- Easy to scan (typography)?

- Links and attributable information?

- Positioned in a community?

- Does it use photos well?

Basic guidelines

  • Appropriate visuals (something appropriate to you, not a generic illustration. Photographs should be ones you control/license).
  • Clean layout.
  • The page should introduce you and link to your bio or resume.
  • It should have links to your articles for this class.
  • It should have links to your social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, others of your choice).

Two cool student portfolios

Your beats

To get started...

  • Get with your beat team.
  • Talk a little about specific ideas or issues that interest you within the area of your beat.
  • Brainstorm a list of people you could contact to interview about your beat.

Coming up...

  • Portfolio basics for tomorrow
  • Vertical for your beat tomorrow
  • Critique classmate's portfolio by Thursday
  • Revise website by 8/29
  • Interview by 8/29

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