by Andre Crosdale, Shaan Riyadh, & Phoebe Velez

Current Situation

Federal Government

The use of marijuana, both medicinally and recreationally, is illegal.

Marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 drug.

State Governments

There are currently 23 states (as well as DC) that have legalized marijuana medicinally and/or recreationally.

There are 15 states that will be voting on the legalization of marijuana medicinally and/or recreationally on the November ballot.

Who should decide?

     The true democracy of American society lies within its people, so to remain true to that ideal, we believe that State governments should vote on this issue.

     Voting on decisions as a state rather than as a country would ensure that more people have a say in the decision, rather than just letting Congress or the Supreme Court determine the case's fate.  In addition, several states have already approved the use of marijuana for medical purposes and/or recreationally; if there is a federal decision made that marijuana is illegal, a lot of states will have to go back on their word.  That can potentially spark unrest within the American people.

New York Times

In this article, David Firestone states:

"The states are taking the lead because they’re weary of locking up thousands of their own citizens for possessing a substance that has less potential for abuse and destructive behavior than alcohol. A decision about what kinds of substances to permit, and under what conditions, belongs in the purview of the states, as alcohol is handled."


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