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There is an issue, problem, situation

Unsolved for a reason

We've cracked a solution

Here is what we do, our product

People love it (hopefully)

Who we target within this ecosystem

Business and distribution model

We master the data & our KPIs

So far, here is our story

Accomplished by a great team

This is our future

We have a master plan, fund us

A problem is painful, large, growing

A product has a clear, descriptive, unique value proposition

Perceived values by customers

 are numerous

Nobody has ever targeted Billion dollars but rather customers

A business model without distribution has no value

Master your fuckin' data & KPIs

Your team is not a sum of diplomas and past experience but rather a mix of complementary skills put at work

Future don't exceed 18 to 24 months but your end game has no limits

Have a business plan...

Save My Smartphone

répare des téléphones et des tablettes

Inch permet aux administrateurs de biens  d’échanger efficacement avec les résidents.

Merci Handy commercialise des produits cosmétiques du quotidien

TokTokTok permet de se faire livrer n'importe quel produit du retail en 30 minutes

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