by: Melissa Ramirez

Mr. Solecki



  • Immigration is a big topic 
  • Its been around for thousand of years 
  • I am Mexican.

Pro Immagration

  • People from pore country's are looking for better life style and have to move to another country to do that. 
  • In a way its giving the richer country more money buy having the immigrants get payed less.
  • Immigrants are not going to come to a country to cause chaos, the immigrants just wont a better life. 

Against Immigration

  • Immigrants are coming to our country for no reason 
  • The immigrants are taking our jobs away from us 
  • The immigrates are rapist and drug dealers 

  • Immigrants have a purpose on going to another country, the immigrants want a better life. 
  • Immigrants are looking jobs but they're the ones that no one wants.
  • Not all immigrants are "rapist and drug dealers," many in fact live normal lives just as other members of society.

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