World Religions of the West Prayer Project 

By: Alexa Adalian 

Unitarian Universalism:

liberal religion characterized by a "free and responsible search for truth", Church does not have a creed, seek inspiration and insight from all major world religions


Be the Blessing You Already Are 

As we have been blessed, so we bless one another to be a blessing. Breathe in, breathe out, this breath we share with all that breathes. Feel the love of the universe flowing through this community, into you, and out into the universe again. Let the love of all universe-your love- flow outward, to its height, its depth, its broad extent. You are more than you know, and more beloved than you know. Take up what power is yours to create safe haven, to make of earth a heaven. Give hope to those you encounter, that they may know safety from inner and outer harm, be happy and at peace, healthy and strong, caring and joyful. Be the blessing you already are. That is enough. Blessed Be. 

Why I Chose This Prayer 

I chose this prayer because it focuses on the strengthening of human beings through the practice of breathing. The calm tone and words perfectly fit with the practices and beliefs of Unitarian Universalists. Also, this prayer has a mixture of other religions emphasizing the acceptance of different beliefs, which is essential in eliminating ignorance. 


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Prayer Project

by aadalian17


Public - 8/17/16, 12:05 AM