Human and Environmental impact

by Erin Wallace

Chernobyl Disaster

  1. At least 5% of radiation was in the air when reactor 4 exploded
  2. Two workers that were working the night that reactor 4 exploded died
  3. In the next few weeks 28 people died because of radioactive poisoning
  4. They are trying to find resettlement for the people who lived near the explosion and it has now become a tourist attraction 

Agricultural terracing

  1. Terracing is when you grow crops on the side of a mountain or hill
  2. They use it to reduce soil erosion and water loss
  3. They need a channel for run off water just above the ridge 
  4. Terracing is used in China Japan and the Philippins 


  1. The earth is loosing trees at a massive scale
  2. We are loosing so many trees it can cover Panama each year
  3. People cut down trees to get money, for familys and agricultural reasons 
  4. People are building roads so they can get to the place to cut down the trees
  5. Some deforestation has a negative impact on the world like the loss of habitats for hundreds of animals 

Hurricane Mathew 

  1. It had extremely were in forecast for 12 to 14 hours 
  2. It is 11 feet high and can drop 15 inches of rain
  3. On Thursday night Mathew was a catorgory 4 and it was like a "monster"
  4. The center of the storm is moving north west at about 13 mph


  1. A monsoon is a show case of dramatic weather
  2. They have intense rains,powerful winds and a high number of lighting strikes 
  3. This usually happens in southeast and south asia
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