This presentation discusses and analyses

  • E-presentation tool (the reason of choosing Bunkr) 

  • Workshop analysis (brief description and analysis of one workshop)

Workshop Description (continued...)

Technical Workshops

  1. Blackboard Retention Center, Evaluation and Analytics

This workshop showed us how as a teacher I can track my students' performances or evaluate their performances. If necessary, I can customize course-specific evaluation and analytic method and can get a report of each course.

2. SMART board Training

Thanks to the workshop conducted by Adeesha, I could use this interactive teaching tool, both individually and with peer-group, while presenting and teaching in Practical Teaching Skills course.

Thematic Workshops

  1. Accessibility Workshop

 For ensuring an equal learning opportunity for all students, this workshop provides knowledge relevant to accessible learning environment and Universal Design for Learning. Now I am equipped with the knowledge of AODA* (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act).

2. Copyright Workshop

For academic integrity, I learned both GBC's copyright policy and relevant Canadian law.

3. Strength Workshop

Gallup's research-based strength survey result and the discussion in the workshop helped me reflect upon my strengths as teacher.

Workshop Analysis (Continued...)

What determines copyright infringement is often confusing and ambiguous. The workshop clearly helps me define the potential copyright infringement based on six criteria.

  1. Purpose of dealing: copyright may not be violated if used for education purpose. However, usage of any original works for commercial purpose will certainly violate the owner's copyright. 
  2. Character of dealing: single use or limited distribution of a creative work may not violate the owner's right whereas multiple use and wide distribution will certainly violate owner's right to the work.

Workshop Analysis (Continued...)

3. Amount of work copied: limited amount of copy (10 percent) of a work may be permissible, but reproduction and copy of entire work would violate owner's right.

4. Effect of dealing: if an adopted and modified work is detrimental to the original creation, the rights of the owner will be violated.

Workshop Analysis (Continued...)

Due to the nature of my teaching area in humanities and social sciences fields, I often use image, videos, and web resources. However, I was not aware of the fact there are several sources and ways of ensuring copyright. 

First, if I teach in a college/university, it is likely that the college/university has image database (such as Britanica Image Quest of GBC) which I can use for searching image.

Second, if I need to use google image or youtube video, I can check the copyright issue by filtering my search. Owners and creators of certain images and videos permit the usage of their works, if their credits are recognised, for education purpose.

Third, there are several web resources, which allows us to find Creative Commons (cc) and Public Domains (PD) works and confirm whether the work is permitted to use for education purpose.  

Workshops for Professional Development

First, the technical skills I gained through these workshops enable me as a teacher to fit in the technology-enhanced teaching environment setting in Canada. I am better equipped with the technological tools and equipments to ensure an interactive and participative classroom and online teaching environment. By enlisting these skills in my resume, cover letter, teaching philosophy, teaching dossier, and e-portfolio, I can better present myself as a potential candidate in the academic job market.

Second, these workshops provide knowledge on several areas, particularly in the areas of copyright, accessibility, and these increase my ability to fit in the Canadian college context. I become more conscious about the importance of Ontario colleges's accessible, equitable, human rights, and copyright policies. Now I have the demonstrated ability to apply such knowledge in classroom and online teachings.

Third, as a teacher, I can continuously engage in learning for further professional development by connecting with the staffs and experienced colleagues. Also, I can seek information for relevant institutions and centers of a college that provide support for ensuring professionalism in teaching. 

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