JOUR 5580/7580

Magazine Writing

Instructor: Suggs

243 Journalism


Welcome to #magwriting!

Today's assignment:

  • Go find someone and talk to him and her about what’s going on today, the first or second day of the school year, and how that relates to his or her career, future, and in general where his or her life is going.
  • Before you leave, think about what questions you need to ask to write a story like that.
  • Come back here and write a short profile of that person, as rich in detail as possible, before class ends. No need to edit/polish after class.

Technical details:

  • Short = 300ish words, but I’m not going to be picky
  • Don’t forget a headline and byline
  • You can write in Word, GDocs, Pages, Medium, Dropbox Paper, whatever you like
  • Share with me at

For next time:

  • Review syllabus and Wordpress site (
  • Finish survey (look for email from me)
  • Sign up for Wordpress and Paper (check your email)
  • Have a good weekend!

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Mag 5580/7580 Fall 16 Day 1

by welchsuggs


Public - 8/10/16, 7:11 PM