Digitization of Maps

Physical Maps >>>Digitized>>> Electronic Maps

Characteristics of Map Digitization

  1. Digital footprint
  2. Death of distance
  3. Network externalities

Digital Footprint

  • Electronic maps allowed for location tracking services that follow our movements
  • Data used to improve

    travel time prediction, suggest nearby attractions and restaurants

Death of Distance

  • Traffic conditions can be seen before one leaves the house or office
  • This information can be used to optimize travel routes, saving time and potentially gasoline

Network Externalities

  • Positive externality: the more users, the more valuable the information
  • Users can report problems and make suggestions for new functions, improving accuracy and functionality

Benefits of Map Digitization

  • Improved travel time predictions
  • Relevant suggestions for nearby places to visit
  • Reduced travel times and gas costs
  • More accurate routes
  • Allow for user input to produce new map functions
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Digitization of Maps

by malivingstone


Public - 5/6/16, 7:07 PM