By: Jacob Brooks

Architect Description

Architects are a part of the construction industry. They design buildings and restore old ones. The architect will start at the very beginning of the project and work all the way to the end to make sure the building is finished the right way. The architect will make detailed drawings of the building, work with the client and contractor, visit the site to make sure the job goes well, and fix problems along the way.

The school I want to go to.

I want to go to NC State to get my architecture degree. NC State has a great architecture program, and is a school that I think I will enjoy going to.

Standard Course of Study

Experiencing Architecture, An Introduction to Architecture, Architectural Design: Environment, Architectural Design: Form, Natural Systems and Architecture, Structures and Materials, Introduction to World Architecture, History of Western Architecture, Digital Representation, Architectural Travel Study I, Special Topics in Architecture, Architectural Design: Tectonics, Architectural Design: Technology, Architectural Structures I, Architectural Structures II, Architectural Design: Urban, Architectural Design: Advanced, Architectural Design Fundamentals: Environment, Architectural Design Fundamentals: Form, Architectural Design Fundamentals: Technology, Environmental Control Systems, Architectural Construction Systems, History of Contemporary Architecture, History of NC Architecture, Architectural Drawing, Digital Drawing and Modeling, Architecture International Studio, Special Topics in Architecture,  Independent Study in Architecture

Cost of Education

Living on the campus the yearly cost together would be $23,039. Tuition would be $8,880, books and supplies $1,082, housing $6,560, meals $4,075, personal expense $1,508, transportation $894, and loan fees $40.

Scholarships at the School

One scholarship that is offered at the school is the Park Scholarship Program. It is a four year scholarship worth $107,000. Another is the Goodnight Scholars Program. It is for middle income families in North Carolina worth $19,500 per year.

Scholarships in General

The Entrance Scholarship is for college freshman in any major and is worth $15,000. Another is the Fountainhead College Scholarship Essay contest which is worth up to $10,000.


Architects average salary was $74,520 per year. In the top ten percent it was $1291,910, and the bottom ten was less than $44,940 per year.

Where I Would Find Work

If I left Wilkes County to find a job for architecture I would go to Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte is a large city and has a lot more opportunities in jobs for architecture than Wilkes County.







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