Influential People and Events


Chriselda Martinez, Gabriel Rodriguez, Diego Tamez

Girl Power 

  • August 26, 1920 Women receive the right to vote
  • Woodrow Wilson passed the 19th Amendment 
  • It took reformers and activists nearly 100 years
  • In 1910, western states began to extend their vote for the first time in 20 years
  •  In July, 1920, a fashion-writer reported in the New York Times that "the American woman . . . has lifted her skirts far beyond any modest limitation," which was another way of saying that the hem was now all of nine inches above the ground.

Betty Marion White Ludden

  • Born in Oak Park, Illinois on January 17, 1922 (age 94)
  • Danish, Greek, Welsh, and English descent
  • Started off as an assistant for a local television station
  • Comedian, Animal Rights Activist, Television Actress
  •  The Golden Girls, Hot in Cleveland 
  • Married three times: Dick Barker, Lane Allen, and 'love of her life' Allen Ludden
  • Writes 'My life at the Zoo: Betty and her friends' and many other books

"The Beautiful and Damned"

  • March 5, 1922 F. Scott Fitzgerald has second book published 
  • American novelist and short-story writer F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • The Beautiful and Damned helped to cement his status as one of the greatest writers of the 20th century
  • Heavy drinker and deeply depressed with a wife of many mental health issues
  • Died of heart attack on December 21, 1940
  • Died believing he was a failure
  • Other than modest commercial or critical success, Fitzgerald received nothing for his work



Al Capone

The Great Bambino

George Herman Ruth Jr.

Henry Ford

"The game ain't over till it's over"

  • played 19 years in the MLB
  • He was a 16 time time all star catcher 
  • player of the new York Yankees 
  • won 10 world series as a player 

Calvin Coolidge

  • The 30 president of the US
  • 1923/1929 
  • born July 4 , 1872 
  • policy decisions 

"The Big Dream"

  • The man that changed the world
  • His great speech 


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