Digital Surprise Party -- Closure Course

What Surprised Me About 

Project Management?

Katie Sibona

INTC 5450

July 2016

PM Concepts & Procedures 

I never realize the large amount of concepts and procedures involved with PM!  I found it to be very informative to learn about the differences between the various charts used and the importance they have on a projects final outcome.

Online Procedures, Asynchronous & Synchronous 

Working asynchronously online was something that really allowed me to balance my work life, personal life, and school life.  I was able to work at my own speed and complete each assignment in a less stressful manner. 

Dummies Text Book

I thought this textbook was a breath of fresh air when comparing textbooks required for other courses.  It was well written, which made it easy to read and understand.  Additionally, the charts and diagrams provided in the text were very helpful when trying to understand a new concept. 

Individual/Partner Project 

I love to partner with Julie on MAIT projects!  Due to having similar work ethics and creative thoughts, we tend to work really well together on various projects assigned in the course.  Plus, despite our dramatically different work schedules we still always manage to communicate well with each other and complete the assignments in a timely manner.  I was extremely glad to work with her again during this course!

Tech Tool Blogs & Glossary

I always like to explore new tech tools and learn about new glossary terms!  However, I was thankful we were not assigned to complete any tech tool blog screencasts during this course because I find the time limit for those to be very stressful to accomplish.  Being able to read about the tech tools students posted and explore the provided links was something I enjoyed doing.  Plus, it was great to read about all the glossary terms because I have heard of many of theme but never really knew exactly what they meant!  

Instructor, Course Structure, Syllabus, Grading & Feedback

I really enjoy taking Amy's courses!  I love her creative assignments and course structure/outline.  Although she provides due dates, I like having the ability to submit assignments at my own speed and convenience.  Her quick grading and positive/guiding feedback is something I really am thankful for while taking her courses!  One thing I really wish we didn't have to do was add the date and time to every assignment we post--but if that is only complaint I have then that's not much! It is great having her on the MAIT team!   

Online Community

I felt a bit disconnected with this course's online community.  I think this was due to the class being split into two different sections.  Had I been a part of the first section I think I would have gotten much more feedback from students and more collaborative conversations.  The interaction really seemed to have fallen flat. 

Difficulty/Expected Workload

The workload was what I had expected.  However, Julie would agree with me when saying that we had experienced a few challenges while working on specific sections of our project.  Luckily we only had to make minor revisions on our definition and scope and that our charts were done relativity well.    

PM Principles Beyond This Course

My job involves countless amounts of planning events and activities therefore, I will definitely be using the PM principles/concepts, glossary and tech tools I learned in the course in the near future!

Case Studies

I thought the case studies were very interesting and informative on the details involved with such major projects.  I was able to grasp a new understanding for the planning process of a project, as well as the team involved. Plus, when completing my PM case study I found it to be really fun to learn more about the process behind Mt. Rushmore! 

Surprised Observation

I was surprised with the amount of students who stated having difficulty with the CPM.  I personally found that to be an easier concept to understand, but that may because of the type of work I do.  Despite their difficulties, I thought everyone did a great job on it--they would have fooled me with stating that they had challenges when creating theirs! 

Own Surprise

I was surprised with the amount of detail that was needed for the definition and scope!  Having to add every last bit of information was very challenging for me since I didn't think it was very necessary.  Moreover, I was surprised by how similar the information in each chart was.  Having to complete that many charts with the same information just in a different format also seemed a bit unnecessary to me.  

Congrats to everyone with completing the course!  



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