What is Computer Art?

  • Computer Art: Any form of graphic art or digital imagery that was created with the aid of a computer, or where the role of the computer is emphasized
  • Primitive form appeared in the 1950s
  • Digital art or new media art
  • Manfred Mohr
  • Ronald Davis
  • John Lansdown
  • Jean-Pierre Hebert

Benefits of Computer Generated Art

  • Useful for art that requires repetitive, intricate work

  • More possibilities

Types of Computer Art

Computer Graphics

Digital Installation Art

Generative Art

Computer Illustration

Computer Graphics

  • Involves the use of specialized software to create computer images
  • Images range from basic logos to complex animations and computer generated films
  • Computer game, movie business, and animation industries

Digital Installation Art

  • Large scale public art projects
  • Ex: Projecting a film onto a wall or a building front
  • Generally mobile
  • Can be scaled to accommodate different spaces

Generative Art

  • Artwork has been generated in a random way by a computer program that uses a mathematical algorithm
  • To qualify as generative, it has to have limited artist influence

Computer Illustration

  • Digital Illustration
  • Use of Adobe Illustrator to produce art similar to traditional fine art

Is it really art?

  • Andy Warhol
  • Can digital art really express inner emotions of an artist?
  • Arguments include that elements like chiaroscuro, composition, form and values exist in digital art as much as they do in traditional art


  • Mostly graphical
  • Emphasized geometric shapes in random combinations


    • Introduction of light pen or styles
    • Inkjet printer
    • Experiments with flatbed copying, image processing, video integration and digital graphics


    • Launch of Adobe
    • Artists concentrated on manipulating imagery
    • Dumb Type
    • Deconstructivism


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