Digital Characteristics of E-Commerce & Online Shopping

What is Digital Commerce?

Digital commerce is the process of exchanging products or services with the use of computer networks, and can employ... 

  • Online shopping websites 
  • Online market places 
  • Gathering of personal information through social media
  • Marketing to established customer base through online communication platforms like email
  • Financial exchange

Digital Footprint of Online Shopping

  • When you order a concert ticket or purchase a new backpack, you leave behind digital traces
    • Vendors will store your order
    • Credit card companies will store your transaction information
    • Websites you visit will store your computer address and browser type
  • Information collection is used to engage in "one on one" marketing
    • Vendors customize advertisements to each consumer

  • Facebook advertisements reach specific audiences by identifying personal information on profiles
  • Also tracks websites visited when shopping

Timeless Time of Online Shopping

  • Timeless time refers to the combination of synchronous and asynchronous processing allowing users to negate sequence
  • Customers can purchase products introduced in previous production cycles
    • Not just antiques, but the newest model and last year's model
  • Digital inventories make this easier and more efficient

  • eBay users can buy the iPhone 3G at any moment, as well as the newest iPhone 6
  • By facilitating business to business, or business to customer, transactions; a multitude of products be come available that would otherwise be absent in stores (transcend time)

Death of Distance in Modern Shopping

  • Information today travels at the speed of light, thus we can purchase anything at anytime with a few clicks of a button
    • Digital commerce uses mobile and wireless capabilities
  • The ability to purchase any product on your phones defies the traditional concept of having to make the trip to a store

  • GrubHub connects restaurants to customers by allowing them to order and pay for food items online
    • Can be done online or through mobile app
  • Food is optionally delivered to customer's location (transcends distance barrier)

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Digital Commerce

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