About The Scientist

  • Born in Warsaw, Poland on November 7th, 1867
  •  Attended a secret underground school before attending Sorbonne University in France
  • Graduated high school at top of her class at age 15
  • Original name: Marie Sklodowska
  • Married Pierre Curie in 1895
  • She had two daughters, Irene and Eve 
  • Studied and received a degree in both chemistry and physics
  • She died on July 4th, 1934 in Passy, France due to aplastic anemia, a blood disease caused by overexposure to radium rays 

Discoveries and Research

  • She was fascinated by the work of Henri Becquerel, who discovered that uranium cast off weaker rays than x-rays
  • From his research, she discovered that uranium rays remained constant under any condition
  • She theorized that the rays came from the element's atomic structure 
  •  This discovery lead to a new field in science called atomic physics
  • She described this action as radioactivity 

Discoveries and Research 

  • With the help of her husband, she discovered polonium and radium, two radioactive elements
  • In 1902, she and her husband announced that they produced a decigram of pure radium
  • She was the first scientist to receive two Nobel Peace prizes
  • She was also the first woman to receive a prize
  • For her discovery, in 1903 she received a Nobel Peace prize in physics on radioactivity
  • Her other prize, received in 1911, was in chemistry for discovering polonium and radium
  • Her discovery lead to a better observation of atomic structure and how they work

Contribution to the World

  • In 1914, her discovery lead to to the invention of portable x-ray machines called "little Curies" that were used in World War I

  • Her research was used in hospitals for chemotherapy treatments and x-rays 

Atomic Theory

Definition: the theory that all matter is made up of tiny indivisible particles called atoms

  • Marie Curie's radioactivity does not depend on how atoms are arranged into molecules but it originates from the atoms themselves
  • She found that in cases with elements such as radium, the rays from the atom itself caused the combustible radioactivity to occur
  • In simpler terms, the radioactivity comes from the atom itself and not the element, as previously thought 

Radium Radiation

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