on the first picture is the map of new york, New York is located on the east coast of the United States, the city opens onto the Atlantic Ocean and is

165 kilometers from Philadelphia, midway between Washington and Boston (about 360 km), the total area of the city of New York is 1214 km2, of which 785 km2 of land area and 429 km2 of water. The maximum altitude of 125 m above the level of the sea.

The Statue of Liberty, this symbol of New York is the first thing that thousands of immigrants to the United States, arriving by boat, saw. In her right hand she holds a torch that symbolizes a guide for men. His left hand holds a plaque representing the declaration of independence, on which is engraved this key date (July 4, 1776).The monument is 46 meters high and was installed on Liberty Island.

The Times Square neighborhood is one of the most famous in the world, famous for its many bright signs and continuous entertainment. It is located west of Midtown on Manhattan Island, in the heart of New York City. Its name comes from the former headquarters of the New York Times, previously housed in a building.

Thanksgiving in New York – Traditions and Customs

The feast was organized for the first time in 1621 by the Amerindians and the pilgrims.and now it is done Every year, the 4th Thursday of November Today, this secular tradition is celebrated by almost all Americans. To celebrate this must prepare a tradionel dish for that day

, And the dish is chicken,

And people make street festivals disguised with the traditional dresses that represent their culture

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