30 November 2016- English IV Honors

Today's Agenda:

Each group should focus on reading the Shakespearean comedy chosen. Decide on a group goal (page number or act) to complete by the end of class. 

Class sets of the play are available for in class reading, or access the plays via http://www.folgerdigitaltexts.org.


Find a seat. Work quietly.

This week is the last opportunity to make up the commonlit.org assignments.

Login to commonlit.org.

Class Code: BBVJ

1 December 2016 : English IV Honors

Today, you will need to finish reading the play with your group. I suggest you plan on completing the play by Friday, so your group can discuss characters, plot, etc.

First, we will complete the Senior Superlatives Voting for yearbook. 

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30 November

by hstrawn


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