Facebook: A New Way Of Communicating 

Why Was It Created ?

Creator Mark Zuckerberg  invented Facebook with the intentions of creating a universal website that could connect people within his university. Once the website was such a huge success he decided to expand it, and  it is now a way that people can connect around the world. The website has 1,000,000,000 visitors a month.

Digital Footprint

Your Digital Footprint is the information you leave behind that is recorded online. 

Everything you post on Facebook is saved even after it is deleted. 

Potential Jobs can see what you post online so it is important that you are aware of the negative effects it can have on your life 

Death Of Distance

Facebook made it possible for communication to travel much faster throughout the world. If you have a friend in a different country you no longer have to communicate through the mail by sending letters which can take weeks until they are delivered, but instead you can instant message on Facebook which takes only seconds. 

Network Externalities 

NE: the value of a product depends on how many users there are. This is very important when it comes to social networks. Social Media has a positive NE when it has a lot of users. When Facebook created it cause many people to join, eventually leaving Myspace. The death of Myspace was caused by the creation of Facebook because of how many people were connecting through the  new social media site and had left Myspace.


Digital Footprint: Beware of what you post on Facebook. Even if you delete it there are ways of accessing old information. 

Death of Distance: Facebook has made it possible to communicate at much quicker speeds 

Network Externalities: Facebook has a positive NE in that with the more users it has the more it flourishes. Because so many people use Facebook it makes the website more valuable.

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