Communication Strategy for Social Media

Skills to Build Communication Strategy

Creativity/Thinking Outside the Box

Relationships/Public Speaker


Follow Up/Follow Through



Who do you have? 

Who do you want?

Why should they care?

How do you get them?

Student Personas

Student Personas

Who are they?

What do they do?

Why should they care about your organization?

Where are they and where do they find you?

How do you convert them into a client or a fan?

Different messages for different markets?

Empathetic Model 

1. Give Gifts or Incentives to Encourage Responses

2. Use Emotional Triggers to Create Authentic Connections

3. Partner With Trusted Authorities to Build Credibility

Rule of Thirds

1/3 Delight- Bringing Value

1/3 Story

1/3 Calls to Action

How Often Should You Post?

Planned and Measured Posts on Various Streams

1 Week-18X5=90

16 Weeks- 90X16=1440

Skills to Make Great Content

1. Writing

2. Technical Writing

3. Graphic Design

4. Video-Directing/Editing

5. Social Media Research

6. Social Media List Managers

7. Content Aggregators

Skills to Make Sure Great Content is Impacting


2. Keyword Optimization

3. Search Engine Optimization

4. Back-Linking

5. Analytics

6. Content Calendar/Planning and Organization

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