Communication Strategy for Social Media

Skills to Build Communication Strategy

Creativity/Thinking Outside the Box

Relationships/Public Speaker


Follow Up/Follow Through


Skills Displayed Through Actions

1. Outside the box thinking (discovered engagement on holidays, weekends, and nights)

2. Introduced regular posting about academic tracks, events on campus, reflection and promotion videos, student focused videos, and regular replies to Twitter and Facebook influencers

3. Regular metrics

4. Innovation planning


Who do you have? 

Who do you want?

Why should they care?

How do you get them?


1. We have regularly increased of our followers on all of our social media channels

2. We have also increased our engagement

3. Engagement is only relevant if content is relevant to college mission

(our content focuses on academic tracks, academic programs, reflection & promotion pieces about college events, college sports, how to videos about enrollment, FAFSA, registration, etc)

Key Metrics Over Last 3 Months

1. Facebook

a. Engagement-increased from Sep 30 to Dec 19th- about 400% increase

b. Fan Growth from Sep 30 to Dec 19th- about 850 new fans

c. Page views- about 8,000

d. Link clicks- about 7,000


Key Metrics (cont)

1. Twitter

a. Engagement- Sep 30-Dec 19- 175% increase

b. Fan Growth- Sep 30-Dec 19- 192 new fans

c. Re-tweets and mentions-  about 1400

Key Metrics (cont)

3. Instagram

a. Engagement- Sep 30- Dec 19- 1,267% increase

b. Followers- Sep 30-Dec 19- 100 new fans

c. Likes- 3851

Student Personas

Student Personas

Who are they?

What do they do?

Why should they care about your organization?

Where are they and where do they find you?

How do you convert them into a client or a fan?

Different messages for different markets?

Empathetic Model 

1. Give Gifts or Incentives to Encourage Responses

2. Use Emotional Triggers to Create Authentic Connections

3. Partner With Trusted Authorities to Build Credibility

Rule of Thirds

1/3 Delight- Bringing Value

Bringing Value

1. I regularly post students pics, videos, and offer links that specifically fit this point, at least a third of all our content hits this mark

1/3 Story


2. I regularly post student videos, reflection pieces, pics and content that reflect the collective Sinclair story. A third of our content hits this mark

1/3 Calls to Action

Calls to Action

3. I regularly post academic track links, promotions to events, registration information, and how to videos. A third of our content hits this mark

How Often Should You Post?

How Often

1. I usually post 5-6 Tweets a day- 2-3 a day, Sat and Sun

2. 3-4 posts on Facebook a day- 1-3 a day, Sat and Sun

3. 2-3 posts on Instagram a day- 1-2 a day. Sat and Sun

4. 1-2 posts a day on Google Plus

Approx total 75-90 posts per week

Planned and Measured Posts on Various Streams

1 Week-18X5=90

16 Weeks- 90X16=1440

Skills to Make Great Content

1. Writing

2. Technical Writing

3. Graphic Design

4. Video-Directing/Editing

5. Social Media Research

6. Social Media List Managers

7. Content Aggregators

Skills to Make Sure Great Content is Impacting


2. Keyword Optimization

3. Search Engine Optimization

4. Back-Linking

5. Analytics

6. Content Calendar/Planning and Organization

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