story of my life .

By : Catherine Judith Andrade Gonzales

Me .

 i was born in Monclova, Couhila 

I was born Friday, December 16, 2002. At 11: 00 p.m

 My family and I came to Houston TX, I was only 8 months old . 

My parents came here searching for a job .

i have 2 brothers one is 9 at the moment 

and the other one is 19.

I'm currently 13 :)


Family .

My family is very important to me , especially my mom .

 My mom because she would do anything for me, she is very supportive, she'll do anything for me to be successful  


Health | Life .

health is very important because it also has a lot to do with living .

I would like to travel the world when I grow up, I would like to get married and have children but if my health is off balance how can i take care of my children when im always sick or in bed

That's why health is important to me.

what has happened in life .. 


  my parents use too argue , my parents use to fight when my dad had a bad day at work and someone bothered him he would get mad and stuff

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