The first creation of Carl Benz is the Tricycle Benz 1, he was founded in 1885-1886.

His maximum speed is between 12 and 16 km/h.

His weight is 265 kg

The dimensions are:

 Length : 2 700 mm

Width : 1 400 mm

Height : 1 450 mm

Mercedes GLA.

The first GLA AMG was created in 2014.

The price of the GLA AMG is 60 300 €

His power is 355CH.

This car can reach 320km/h.


The Mercedes-Benz  CLA AMG is a class of sedan. She has been launched since 2013.

The car is 381CV , she costs 62 600 $

Brabus is a preparer German car Based the serial model of Mercedes-Benz.

Which differentiates it from other preparers, the Brabus vehicles are badged Mercedes logo.

Founded in 1977 by Klaus Brackmann et Bodo Buschmann, Brabus has become the must-preparer for those wishing to maximize the potential of cars. Built in Stuttgart, excluding AMG sports official channel of Daimler.

the serial model of Mercedes-Benzthe serial model of Mercedes-Ben

Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 2558 6X2

Mercedes-Benz built also trucks.

This truck costs 116 900 €.

He's 26 tons.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Mercedes-Benz makes also van.

The price of this van is  53 993 €.

Power  : 190 CH

Here is each  factories of Mercedes-Benz

The turnovers of Mercedes-Benz

2010 = 2,95 billion

2011 = 3,15 billion

2012 = 3,17 billion

2013 = 3,17 billion

2014 = 3,2  billion

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