Gymnastics in France

gymnastics started in Greece in the late 1700 

gymnastics meet is usually last to 4 hours but can last more or less,depending on the number of gymnast that are performing.


Usually there are four judges  Gymnasts try to perform the most difficult routines in the most graceful way they deduced points from a 0.1 to a 0.8 depending on how inferior the mistake is and what league , there judge on a  0-to-10 scale, 10 being perfect.

there can be at least 2 people on a team 


Rules concern the equipment, the appearance of the gymnast and coaches’ behavior during a routine, touching a gymnast or giving advice incur deductions. Before starting the routine, the gymnast must wait for the judges’ acknowledgment and salute the judge by raising both arms. The gymnast salutes the judges again at the end of the performance to show that she is done and judging can stop 

major fouls 

Mostly poor poster bent nees and foul plays 

best way to play

First warm up then try to do the spits then practice your routeen   


u need a trappable a pole a lentared and balance bean    

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