The Digitization Of Collecting Cards

Digitization of Soccer Collection Cards

In Britain collecting soccer player cards was all the rage. A company named Topps created Match Attax and monopolized the soccer card collecting market. People could use their own collections to play against other peoples collection, however this had to be done face to face. The physical collections have been replaced by digital collections, with many more possibilities uses. 

The physical cards have been replaced by FIFA's Ultimate Team.    

Death of Distance

The physical card game meant that players had be together in order to play together, meaning players around the world couldn't play against each other. The online card game uses the online network for people gaming around the world to use their collection to play against others. The competitions for these card game could only done locally but know the competition market is only limited to an internet connection which as we know is becoming more and more available globally.

Network Externalities

The more people that play the online game the more people will benefit. In FIFA there is an online market place, as with any market place the more that is on the market the greater the variety and the supply and demand style of pricing can come into effect. The less people on the market the greater prices will be and the amount of options for buyers will fall. The online card network of FIFA Ultimate Team is reliant on people being online and being active in the market as well as playing matches regularly

Timeless Time

When the card game was popular in order to play against another player or even just look at his collection the other player would have to be there at that time. However with the digitization of these collections it means that players can look at their friends' teams and even play against them without the friend actually being there, eliminating the need for both players to be available at exactly the same time. Which can be difficult for people living in different time zones, as we know with today's interconnected world friends aren't necessarily living in the vicinity of one another.  

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Digitization of Soccer Cards

by gswhite


Public - 7/13/16, 4:53 PM