mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system. Mercury is 3.3 kg. There for mercury is only 5.5 percent the mass of earth.

Mercury 's size is 3,032 miles, making mercury a little more than one third the size of earth.

mercury 's shape looks like a gold ball.

earths shape is like baseball.

it takes mercury 88 days to orbit the sun. mercury is closest to the sun there for it orbits faster than the other planets.

mercury rotates very slowly compared to earth so a day on mercury is much longer than a day on earth.     58.646 earth days.

mercurys atmosphere contains small amounts of hydrogen, helium, and oxygen.

mercuys temperature is about 801 Fahrenheit.

The moon is earths only perminent natrual satellite. It is the fifth- largest natrual satellite in the solar system, and the largest among planetary satallites relative to size of the palent that orbits. 

Best image of earth based on telescope. 

Hubble space telescope image

Why do i like thisw this planet? Why did i choose it? 

 Becuase this planet is intresting to lesrn about. It has beatiful colors, and has alot of inresting facts to learn about. I chose this planet cause i already knew some facts about it, but i wanted to learn more. 

The exploration of mercury has only taken a minor role in the space intrests of the world. It is the least explored inner planet. The mariner 10 messager missions have been the only missions that have made close observations of mercury. 

Two spacecratfs have viseted mercury. The first was called mariner 10, during 1974. The second was also mariner 10 but during 1975. 

Mariner 10 flew around mercury 3 times and mapped about half the planets surface. 

Mercury 10 also discoverd mercury's thin atmoshpere and delected its magnetic field. 

4 facts i learned that were intresting

2 space crafts viseted. 

Its the smalles INNER planet. 

Closest planet to earth.

Orbits quicker than any other planet

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