Dear historians,

Life in ancient Egypt wasn't easy.  The Egyptians had to learn to survive in their desert home.  Today you will discover some of their clever tricks.

Your tour guide,

Mrs. Harris

Lesson Vocabulary

Words to Know:




Words You'll Learn More About:



Lesson Goals

Let's Talk Adaptations:

Today you will learn how the ancient Egyptians adapted to their home by using the natural resources they had to survive. 

In a climate so hot and dry, the Egyptians had to depend on the Nile.

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Focus on:

Egyptian boats


Bartering on the Nile

The Nile River helped the ancient Egyptians farm and travel from place to place.  However, it was also very important for bartering.  The Egyptians traded what they had for what they needed.

The Nile, Food, and Farming

Let's Recap

1. Why was life in ancient Egypt difficult for many people?

2. How did the Nile River help the Egyptians survive?

Your Task: Create and complete the T-Chart

 Ways the Ancient Egyptians Adapted:


Ways I Adapt to Cold Weather in Winter:


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Ancient Egypt: Adaptations

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