Startup Name

simple & descriptive baseline

There is a problem

It's large, growing and painful

Which has not been solved

And here is the reason why

We've cracked a solution

And here is our value proposition


Video / Screenshots

People Love It


This is our target

There are real people or companies

This is our ecosystem

ecosystem mapping, à la Buffer (slide 11)

This is our secret sauce

And why we'll win !

Our Business Model is simple

Per unit >> Sales - Variable Costs = Contribution Margin

Our distribution is solid

These are our sales channels / Here is our funnel

Awesome KPIs

Growth, Cohort, Sales Payback (for btob sales)

What we've done so far

Here is our Story (horizontal bar)

Here is the team

Pics of the founders, clear statements, à la Buffer (slide 12)

Here is the plan

for the next 12 to 18 months (horizontal bar)

Here Is The Business Plan

BP or Cash Plan / How much you burn

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Pitch Deck - ActivSpaces

by cedricatangana


Public - 1/5/16, 10:39 PM