~An aggregate of present and future
  ~A selfish App                                          
              ~Xpects are the post users caption for future


Key Features

~Sharing the feed other users

~ Tag your friends in future

~ Save future post to your
    iPhone calendar

~ Year to Year view


Why will they use it?

~ Make a distinction from current popular social

~ Instagram only displays your current status
~ Twitter, limited to instant current events
~ Facebook - Dead
~ It promotes longevity and allows the user to
    proclaim the predictions


~ Free IOS app download
~First 10 Xpects - Free
~$.99 / 10 Xpects
~ Holiday Xpects ( 10 Free for occations Birthday, Chanukah, Christmas, 4th of July, all hallmark holidays)  
~ Advertisers will be allowed to see what a user wants and when they want it
~ Store a cookie from your browser history and display related content ( friends post and related Xpects)
~ Incentivize users to purchase based on Xpects
~ Push reminders for sales from user content

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