the story of my life

this presentation is about the story of my life austin lacombe age 13

my birth-the most important event in my life

my birth on October 18 2002 this was the first and most important thing in my life.

My first friend

the first friend i had will be something thing that effects the rest of my life and any other friend i get

first day at school

this where i met my curent girlfriend and mostly all the friends i've met and had

my first fight 

My first fight taught me the way to fight by showing me my own physical capability and fighting ability.

meeting/dating my girlfriend 

Me meeting my girlfriend well it was something like that

me and my girlfriend now together 

my first football game 

my first football game was the best game of my life.

important things/people in my life

my family

my family is an important thing in my life because they love and support me 


money runs all through events in my life


my friends are important to me because they have my back


my girlfriend is important to me because she is always there for me and we care for each other

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