Virtual Reality

By Michael Lee

CMN 170

Virtual Reality is an emerging technology becoming extremely popular in the past few years...allowing people to experience presence in a different reality.

Poly Directionality

Virtual Reality inherits the basic structures from online social platforms such as games and chat rooms. With the development of recorded shows, VR can be used to communicate from one to many by viewing these recorded shows (similar to Youtube), or allow people to communicate one to one (similar to Skype), or communicate even with themselves (self-recorded performance). 

Network Externalities

The growth of Virtual Reality softwares depend on the growth of consumers. Social platforms are becoming a large factor in VR usage, thus the value of VR grows as more users are using it. VR can also derive from social games (like World of Warcraft) and having growing communities that add value to external products in VR. 

Economies of Scale

Since VR usage is software based, similarly to games, the reproduction of content can be done by just downloading. These copies can be sold through platforms such as Amazon, Steam, etc, which allows producers to easily distribute products online.

Media Richness Selection

VR can contain the different types of communications, such as adapting voice, in-person, voice messages, text, etc all in one. This combination could be said to be a new media medium, which theorized to be equally or more efficient than video conference. With the development of software, people may adjust VR communication to fit the messages they want to send.

Future of VR

As Virtual Reality continues to grow exponentially with users and developers, this medium may seem similar as when we first got cellphones - it will start creating new platforms that allow old and new communication methods to occur, whether it is a simulation of current communication methods or an invention of new intractability experiences. I theorize it will become a mainstream use of communication in the next decade!

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