Early life

  • He was born on august 26 1743 in paris France.
  •  His family was wealthy his dad was a lawyer in paris parliament  

  • Mother died when he was five and left a large amount of money for them.

  • He studied law at college Mazarin but he also attended chemistry classes for 3

Professional career 

  • Instead of pursuing law he pursued scientific research and gained admission to the academy of sciences.
  • In addition to scientific research he bought into a company that gathered tax for the french government

  • He was 28 and married Marie-Anne a 13 year old her dad was a senior member of the tax company he bought into


  • At age 50 On May 8 1794 him his father in law and 26 other tax farmers were guillotined
  • At the end of 1795 they found him innocent of all charges

Proved law of conservation

  • Placed a diamond in a jar and used magnifying glass to focus the suns rays 
  • The diamond melted and the weight remained unchanged and proved that the law of conservation was correct

Proved law of conservation cont.

  • Whether diamond or charcoal were burned they both produced carbon dioxide
  • Realized that diamond and charcoal are different forms of of the same element, carbon

Oxygen and combustion

  • People still did not understand the process of burning. 
  • Priestley believed that there was dephlogisticated air that made it burn and lavoisier didn't believe it 
  •  Coined the name oxygen for the element released by mercury oxide 

Oxygen and combustion cont.

  • Found out oxygen made 20% of air and was vital for combustion and respiration

  • Phosphorus and sulfur are burned in the air the products are formed by the reaction of these elements with oxygen


  • He did several experiments to find out sulfur can not be broken down anymore and that it is an element 

Water not an element

  • Lavoisier also coined the name for hydrogen
  • He burned hydrogen with oxygen and found out it made water proving it was not an element it was a compound

Everything he did

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Antione Lavoisier

by bruceleonard18


Public - 9/19/16, 4:34 PM