The Disadvantages of Social Media

Written by Alyssa Novachek

Visualize yourself at home on a Saturday night.

You chat with your friends on Snapchat, or Facebook, or Twitter, when you get a random message. It's a link that allows you to claim a prize! Of course, you click the link. But what you didn't know, was that...

You just gave away your personal information.

There are many risks in social media.

Those most vulnerable are teenagers or young adults. They don't know what could happen if they don't protect their information. Cyberthieves can take personal information that can destroy your life. Still, over 350 million people use social media...

And a growing percentage of people are being taken advantage of.

Scammers have many ways to take advantage of you.

They can pretend to be someone giving out a reward, and require some information. They can claim they need help, and require some money to get home. They can also trick people into downloading something that gives away their information, like a virus.

Cyberbullies can make teenagers become depressed.

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