How are men and women treated differently in other parts of the world? 

Gunita Schmidjorg 

May 5th, 2016 

English 4 

Ms. Smith 

Specific Purpose & Thesis Statement

  • I am making this presentation to tell you about women's rights in other countries.

  • The thesis statement: Many countries treated the women in different ways and limited their rights. 

Problem Solution 

  • Problem: The women's rights. 
    • Women struggle to be treat fairly 
    • Women sex workers 
    • Force women to do


  • Cause
    • Involve domestic violence 
    • Can't read and write 
    • Get married, but they didn't get health well, it could lead to their child dies


  • There are no solution. Other countries decided to treat women like that, leave them alone. It's not United States' job to change other countries, such as other countries left each other alone. 



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