The Office

Word processing programs and applications to create presentations such as powerpoint (and this site: bunkrapp) are examples of digitalization of softwares that can be referred as office tools. 

But looking at the bigger picture: E-Mails, Video Conference and Calling, Schedulers, Survey Makers, etc. are also some (if not all) examples which are utilized by small businesses and large organizations alike, to help enhance the efficiency of running the office.

Therefore, an example of digitalization that can be drawn from it is: The Office.

Economies of Scale

Like many other software examples which highlights this particular characteristic, Office Tools and Software also shows this characteristic.

Creation of these Tools:

  1. Huge amounts of research and funding is required.
  2. After the Product is ready, like all other digitalized products: it only needs copy and pasting to reproduce.

Using these Tools:

  1. Buying the product (if it is not free) would cost quite some money. Which means huge fixed cost.
  2. Creating files by utilizing the product doesn't cost you anything more. Which means no variable cost.

Death of Distance: Remote Meetings and Interviews

Many businesses have utilized video calling applications such as Google Hangouts to set up remote interviews to enable flexibility between the interviewer and job applicants.

The Introduction of Video Conference Calls in this digital age have allowed remote meetings and conferences to be possible. Together with other software together sets up the next characteristic of digitalization of the Office.


E-Mails, the basic need of an office worker enables 'One-to-One' interactions and also 'One-to-Many' interactions to broadcast a message from the higher-ups to all other workers.

Survey making websites (such as surveymonkey) enables 'Many-to-One' interactions from the Research Team to Randomly Selected Individuals.

Video calling (as previously stated) also enables conferences, which is an example of 'Many-to-Many' interaction.

Though these applications are not explicitly what defines an office, it is an example of how several office related work is run digitally.

These characteristics are not the only digital characteristics that is visible; however, I believe that these are the more important ones to highlight how an office is run digitally.

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