Soccer in Germany.

Soccer originated in Germany in 1903.

Rules of soccer:

In soccer you are only allowed to use your feet, the ball must be in a spherical shape, only eleven players are allowed on the field including a goalie.

For each team eleven people play on the field including a goalie.

Soccer has two forty-five minute periods or four fifteen minute periods.

The ball must go past the goalie and fully cross the goal line before being considered a goal.

A soccer field is between 100-120 yards long and 60 yards wide.

The main strategy of soccer is to advance the ball up the field, pass the ball because if you keep it to yourself chances are you will get in taken away from you, when dribbling keep the ball close to your body,.

Major penalties of soccer are shoving other players, jamming your elbows into players, tripping people, and sometimes when you slide tackle people. 

In Germany they have different soccer leagues. Such as, professional, international, and amateur. 

Supplies needed for soccer:

In soccer you need a spherical ball, two nets, protective equipment, and two teams.

For many years, soccer was played without any rules. And throughout the country they played soccer in many different ways or forms.

Soccer has changed a lot from what it originated from.

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