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carolinevonbraun.com former modestadt.com was founded in 2009.

Currently up to 8 people are working for the magazine. We started as a single person and grew to a huge community of motorsport and lifestyle lovers. Last year we attended the Total 24h of Spa Francorchamps with three of our team members. This year we are really proud to welcome out first intern. Our tem for this years Total 24h of Spa Francorchamps will be composed out of four people. You can find the details about our coverage plan for 2016 at page number 5.

This year it has been the first year that we had the possibilty to visit the FIA WEC 6h of Spa Francorchamps, we are really proud to be able to present our readers and followers the best informations and impressions from track. We are really looking forward to the 24h race at Spa, for us it´s the most exciting event of the year!

Our Social Media Presence

We´re currently have over 63.000 people who follower us on Social Media. Instagram is the most important channel for us and our over 50.000 follwers on Instagram love our activities about cars and espacially about motorsport and racing!

@carolinevonbraun is followed on Instagram by:

@blancpaingtseries; @zakspeed_eu; @fernando_rees; @motorsport.com, @circuitparkzandvoort, @gottfried.grasser and many more!

@carolinevonbraun got likes on Instagram from:

@24hoursoflemans, @oliverjarvis1, @motosportcom,

@gulfracinguk, @gtopen, @oliverjameswebb, @nickithiim, @daniel_abt, @archiehamiltonracing, @fiawec_official, @wecmagazin, @astonmartinracingofficial, @feddelegrand and many more!


Our Social Media Presence

Coverage Plan for 2016

  • 24H Live Ticker on Twitter/Blog from green flag till chequered flag
  • Live on Facebook from the parade in Spa, the grid walk and during the race
  • Instagram/Facebook Postings
  • Pre-Race posts about the test day 2016, teams and other activities on track while the Total 24h of Spa
  • Launch of the CvB Snapchat Account, Snaps

Instagram Posts Test Day 2016

Total 24h of Spa 2015 - Review

Contact Details

Caroline von Braun former modestadt

Boulevard Chapman 13

4900 Spa





Visits per month: 65.0000 to 85.000 depending

Social Media Followers: 63.000+

Persons that are authorized to apply for events:

Caroline Brauns, Max Weustermann, Volker Brauns, Justin Oberdörfer, Hendrik Becker, Florence Demeusy

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