Living our Dream

Living our Dream

  • About Us
  • The Dream
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Our Trip So Far

About Us


  • Career in non-profit sector
  • Interest in archaeology
  • Retired Jan 2016


  • Software Engineer and Massage Therapist

  • Hiker, Scuba Diver

  • Retired June 2015

The Dream

  • Get out of the rat race
  • How many weeks in the desert?
  • Retire while young enough to enjoy it
  • Travel
  • Inspiration:

Preparation - Car Camping

Beware of Cattle Guards

need bigger

Picking an RV

  • Class B chassis - size of large van, maneuverable, drivable
  • large refrigerator
  • easy to dry-camp - solar panel
  • 2015 Roadtrek CS Adventurous

Selling (almost) everything

  • Sold our cars

  • Sold our house in San Jose

  • Sold/donated belongings
  • Kept ~200 cubic feet goods in storage

Residency Goals

  • Move away from high taxes in California
  • Renew driver's licenses and vehicle registration
  • Virtual mailbox

DakotaPost - Sioux Falls, SD

Recent law change prevents voter registration :-(

Hitting the Road - A Rough Schedule

  • May 1 - May 6: San Jose, CA -> Tucson, AZ (storage locker)
  • July 1 - Sioux Falls, SD (residency)
  • September 22 - Salt Lake City (friends in town)
  • November 23 - Phoenix RG

bison & other critters

lewis & clark



archaeological sites

close with rte 66 america the beautiful video

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Living Our Dream

by trbender


Public - 9/25/16, 3:13 AM