Death According to Death

Brady Robillard

The narrator of the story is Death. It's harder to comprehend the story because the narrator is an idea.

The point of view of this story has some controversy but I believe it's first person because the story consists of I, I've and my.

Death's role is to narrate the story. Death narrates the story in first person.

Death doesn't really worry in the story. Death is laid back and just watches the eclipses day and night.

I wouldn't say that Death has a pleasure  watching the eclipses. I would just say that he watches them just because he has to. The reason he watches them is because he is Death and whenever someone dies he sees an eclipse.

Since Death is death that means that he knows when someone dies. He sees an eclipse whenever someone  dies. This is kind of his duty. I'm pretty sure Death would get tired of eclipses because almost 150,000 people die each day. That adds up to about 55 million people dying in a year.

Death's responsibility is to take care of all the people that have passed away. Death know's many people that are related to the book thief. The book thief's (Liesel Meminger) brother has died. From the context I believe that the pilot from the plane crash is Liesel's father.

Some people have misconceptions about Death. Some people think that Death is a bad idea. In some cases yes it is, but in this case that is wrong. Death is just doing what he was made to do.... see eclipses when someone dies.

I don't think Death really minds his job. He doesn't really complain about anything so he must be ok with it. First of all he doesn't have a choice if he wants to be death or not. Second, if he did have a choice he probably wouldn't do anything else because he wouldn't know what to do.

The way Death feels about humans is simple. He gets to see them everyday. He even sees more than you probably do going to the mall. That's because he's Death. Every time someone dies he sees them, and that's a lot of people in one day. Not to think that it's about 55 million deaths in a year.

Death I would say enjoys colors. On page 7 he says that he loves every color he sees. He mentions he uses colors as a distraction. Even though he likes every color he sees, he really likes the color of the sky to be dark chocolate.

Death doesn't like war because he doesn't like all the dead people. Even though it's his job to see all the dead people, he doesn't want or like to see them. This leads me to believe that he doesn't like war because a ton of people die in war.





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The Book Thief Death to Death

by 12041348


Public - 4/13/16, 2:06 PM