What is it?

Connected Learning application (chrome extension) that helps teachers with visual rosters, collaborative and focused learning. 

Gives Teachers:

  • visual, intuitive roster (login once/forever)
  • live view of student screens
  • ability to lock/focus screens
  • ability to share  screens
  • ability to save and share resources with classes


Teachers will independently use their learning to:

Upload the HivesSchool Teacher and Student Extension

Login to HiveSchool as a student

Apply understanding of software

Create HiveSchool class 

Evaluate functionality of HiveSchool


How does it best work?

  • HiveSchool runs best when all the student and teacher machines are on the same network 
  • BYOD's, as of right now, will not work with HiveSchool (BYOD's run on FPS WiFi)  
  • Teacher’s laptop must remain powered on and awake in order for students to successfully join
  • The purpose of this tool is to give control over student Chromebooks in classrooms (not just the Chrome browser)

pg 2 tutorial

pg 7 tutorial

pg 3 tutorial

pg 9 tutorial

What is Beta?

Final Stages of development, already released, need feedback

  • bugs
  • crashes
  • error message
  • timeout...

pg 12 tutorial


  1. Using the tutorials provided, follow the directions to acquire the HiveSchool STUDENT and TEACHER extension
  2. Join Mrs. Ferns Class via the code provided 
  3. Open tabs and go to some websites you like 
  4. When you are done, please look around to see who needs some extra help and extend a helping hand
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